Endless Nightmare: Sabien Demonia And Alec Hardy

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Alec works at his computer at home when the lights go out. When he goes to check out the problem, he is captured by Sabien Demonia. He’s stripped naked and tied to a stripper pole. Sabien squats to his level and begins the torment. She slaps his face and calls him a bitch. She smothers his face with her gigantic tits and big beautiful ass. In the next scene Alec is cuffed to a metal pipe. Sabien dresses him in ladies lingerie and puts lipstick around his mouth. She shoves a giant dildo down his throat and makes him gag, spit, and drool. Next she gets a strap-on and puts Alec on his back. She fucks his ass deep and hard as he grunts and squirms beneath her. In the final scene Alec is standing naked, bound to a wall with a white latex gimp mask. Dressed in a slutty latex nurses outfit, Sabien rolls a medical device with spikes across his pale flesh and then jerks his cock until she milks every last drop of cum out of his pathetic cock.